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Formula 3 at Cadwell Park

Formula 3’s are frequent visitors to Cadwell Park

Upcoming Historic Racing

19th/20th May - HSCC, Formula Junior.


22nd July - Vintage Motorsport Festival - The Vintage Motorsport Festival returns to the stunning Lincolnshire Wolds for a meeting like no other – featuring classic automobiles from motorsport's pioneering age. Edwardian era machinery can be found alongside sports and racing cars from the inter-war years, and racers from the immediate post-war era.


Many of these cars raced in a fearless age where competitors fought for the honour and glory of the sport. Alongside the Club's historic Shuttleworth and Nuffield Trophies featuring prestigious Trophy Races for Vintage, Pre-1961 and Pre-war Sports-Cars, the day will also feature a number of the Club's other special events.


Aside from the racing, there will be plenty of retro-themed off-track attractions too, including special car displays.



Circuit History

The land on which Cadwell Park is located was bought in 1926 by Mansfield Wilkinson with the original purpose of being used for shooting. His son, however, persuaded him allow him to host a motorcycle event in 1934 so it is to Charles Wilkinson that the circuit owes its genesis. A three quarter mile chalk track was laid out. In 1952 a hard surface was put down which extended the circuit to one a a quarter miles.


Regular car racing didn’t take place until as late as May 1962 by which time the distance was up to the 2.2 miles which we have today but some bike meetings had included Formula 3 on the line up beforehand. The circuit has always been narrow, however, and is perhaps better suited to bikes than cars for this reason.


During the 1960s and 70s stock car racing was highly popular visitor to Cadwell.

Circuit Highlights

1. Start/Finish - flat and fast before the left hander at Coppice.

2. Coppice is fast though not flat out.

3. Charlies - named after Charles Wilkinson - is a sweeping right uphill leading to a blind downhill.

4. Park Straight is slightly curved but for all intents is a straight.

5. Park is a sharp 90 degree right hander with large runoff area behind.

6. Chris Curve is a never ending right hander.

7. Gooseneck is a lovely combination - perfect for bikes. A quick right then shift to the left after a dip - nice g-forces here.

8. Mansfield is a tight left hander.

9. The Mountain is a tight left/right flick just after the Club’s circuits’s hairpin.

10. Hairpin is not really a hairpin - a sharp right over a brow.

In Car Video

Where To Watch

• The natural gradient upon which Cadwell Park makes the circuit great for spectators. You can get close to the cars and it it never gets too crowded.

• There is an grandstand, albeit a roofless one, on the Start/Finish straight.

• Coppice has a banked viewing area on the outfield with good views across to the Club Hairpin and Mansfield.

• Charlies is a good viewing position with plenty of photo opportunities. The cars can be seen braking hard then accelerating out providing great spectacle.

• Park - the cars are slow here so good place to take pictures.

• Chris Curve - you’ll be a distance from the track here so not the best place to watch.

• Mansfield has outside banking with good view.

• The Mountain has a small stand on the exit and good banking. A popular viewing place.

• Hairpin - best avoided.

• Barn - not accessible for viewing.

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