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Historic racing at Knockhill

Upcoming Historic Racing

Loads of racing this year at Knockhill, but nothing particularly historic.

Circuit History

Knockhill opened in 1974 and is Scotland’s national motorsport centre. It was created by joining up a series of service roads to a nearby disused railway servicing a mineral quarry. Knockhill is the vision of sheep farmer Tom Kinnaird - himself a keen fan of motorbike racing.

In 1983 the venue was sold to Derek Butcher, also a keen motorbike follower and talented racer. Derek had formed his own successful fire alarm business and had the right mix of business acumen, contacts and passion for the sport to take Kinnaird’s vision to the next level. Since this time the circuit has been resurfaced twice and much investment has been made in track safety. Other infrastructure has also been improved and many other businesses have been attracted to the energetic environment.  Today Knockhill hosts the British Touring Cars, The Scottish MotorFair, the British SuperBike Championship as well as numerous events attracting older metal, which is our focus on this site.

Circuit Highlights

1. Duffus Dip is a very fast part of the circuit before a left bend.

2. McIntryre is a sharp 90 degree turn popular for overtaking but unforgiving if you take too much of the corner with you.

3. Glenvarigill has a blind brow which makes this slow corner especially challenging.

4. Clark’s is an 80 degree rising right turn. It’s important to get the line right through here as the following straight will leave you open to attack.

5. Hislops is super fast. A slight left curve which makes up the back straight.

In Car Video

Where To Watch

Knockhill is a brilliant circuit for spectators - possibly the best in the UK - and is well worth a visit.

• The infield hill is probably the best place to watch if you’ve not been to Knockhill before. You can’t go wrong here as the views are great.

• The change in direction as Duffus Dip sees the cars hurtling towards you at top speed before changing direction for the corner. One of the best places to watch racing in the UK.

• Glenvarigill is best viewed from the outfield. The chicane here catches many out so you’ll likely see a few off track excursions.

• Taylors can be viewed from a covered grandstand on the the outfield which can be a blessing as the weather can come in pretty quick at Knockhill. For those more hardy there is a mound on the infield. This is a great place to take pictures as Taylors delivers spectacular action whether drivers get it right or wrong.

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