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Snetterton 1960

The original pit buildings at Snetterton c 1960.



Upcoming Historic Racing

April 1st & 2nd - CSCC at the Snetterton 300.


May 13th & 14th - Mini Festival.


June 11th - HRDC at the BRSCC Meeting, featuring Academy, Allstars, A-Series Challenge and Touring Greats.


July 8th - Astpn Martin Club Racing.


September 17th - Vintage Festival featuring Formula Vintage - Snetterton's popular Vintage Festival returns this September, to create a nostalgic mood at the Norfolk circuit. The Vintage Sports-Car Club, under its new guise Formula Vintage, organise races for cars from motorsport's pioneering age, where Edwardian era machinery can be found alongside sports and racing cars from the inter-war years, and racers from the immediate post-war era. Entries regularly feature cars that raced at Brooklands and in famous international races including the Mille Miglia and Le Mans.


This event is the final round (Round 5) for the club which incorporates the VSCC's Seaman Memorial Trophies and features a packed programme of pre-and post-war racing from sports cars, racing cars and voiturettes. More information about the racing line up can be found below in the "Whats Racing"section.


This event will feature plenty of off-track attractions too, including car displays, food and drink, and shopping with the same retro theme for a real garden party atmosphere.


September 23rd - HSCC Club Car Championships.


September 30th to October 1st - MG Car Club Championships.





Circuit History

Snetterton started out as an RAF airfield in 1942 before being handed over to the USAF in 1943 when it became a very temporary home to the 386th Bombardment Group (Medium) flying Martin B-26B/C Marauders. The 386th moved out to RAF Boxted and were replaced by the 96th Bombardment Group (Heavy) flying B-17s. The airfield was closed down at the end of 1948 and three years later the runways and perimeter roads were transformed into the racing circuit. The track has always been renowned for fast racing with sweeping corners and long straights.


Close examination of the circuits and satellite maps to the right show the changes that have occurred over the years culminating in a major upgrade for 2011. Sear corner used to be 80 metres or so further from Riches and led onto the Norwich Straight (now used for a Sunday Market).  The straight culminated in a hairpin leading to Home Straight which joined the current track at the Esses - now the access road to the circuit. Russell Bend has also been altered over the years for safety reasons.


The track was used by Team Lotus to test their F1 cars in the 1960s and for that reason alone has great provenance for Historic racing fans.

Circuit Highlights

Snetterton looks a bit angular and cobbled together from above but the ‘original’ and new circuit layouts both give superb racing - fast and flowing.

1. Senna Straight - long and fast as you’d expect.

2. Riches, although a 90 degree right hander is actually gentler than it looks and requires less braking than you might expect.

3. Montreal is a re-modelling of the old Sears corner and remains difficult. Cars arrive at high speed having carried through Riches and the following short straight. Drivers need to set their braking point carefully and put a lot of force on the pedal but there is a hard run-off area on the outfield.

4. Bentley Straight. Very long indeed.

5. Brundle and Nelson - formerly The Esses are a good overtaking point being tight corners after such a long straight. Also a good place to have a coming together though...

6. Bomb Hole is a famous corner at Snetterton. A double apex right hander it can be taken at high speed but requires a precise line from the beginning.

7. Murrays is a tight chicane protected by gravel on the outfield.

In Car Video

Where To Watch

• You can view the Senna Straight from both the infield and outfield but the cars race past pretty quick.

• Riches corner is also quick but there is a good view from the outfield.

• Montreal, quick again with good views from elevated banking.

• Bentley Straight - not the best place to watch the action.

• Brundle and Nelson are one of the best places to watch on the circuit. Good viewing and lots of action.

• The Bomb Hole is also a good place to watch and you can also see Brundle and Nelson from here.

• Corum Curve has a banked area on the outfield with great views.

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