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Willie Green Thruxton Ferrari

Willie Green guides his smoking Ferrari through the Thruxton chicane in 1978.



Upcoming Historic Racing

2nd/3rd June - 50th Anniversary Celebration. 2018 sees Thruxton celebrate its 50th anniversary. To mark the occasion, a two-day event will celebrate everything Thruxton, with on-track action and off-track attractions. Rosberg's FW089C is a special guest and should sound amazing here.


18th/19th August - CSCC bring their wide variety of classic racing to this super fast circuit.

Circuit History

Another former World War 2 airfield, Thruxton takes its name from the nearby Hampshire Village and has been a circuit since 1950. During the war RAF Thruxton was opened in 1942. The first sound of engines belonged to Lysanders but these were soon to be replaced with Hurricanes and Mustangs during the summer of 1942 as 225 Squadron took residence. In 1943 297 took over with their Whitley bombers soon to be followed by Albermarle transports and Horsa gliders.


In February 1944 the USAF moved in with the 366th Fighter Group flying P47s.


Racing started with motorbikes and the Thruxton 500 endurance race. Cars followed in 1952. Until 1968 when new track was laid the original runways and perimeter roads formed the circuit. Now the circuit just uses the perimeter road with additions including the Club chicane, and three corners in Campbell, Cobb and Seagrave.

Circuit Highlights

1. Thruxton has the highest overall speed of any circuit in the UK and can catch out the unwary (as experienced at first hand by the author).

2. Allard is a fast right hander but the small area of run-off can mangle wandering metal. A clean line here is important to get position before the sharp right at Campbell.

3. Campbell is a sharp right hander which needs the driver to patiently find the right breaking point on practise laps. Keep right through the corner to get ready for the left at Cobb.

4. Goodwood is a corner but taken fast. It opens to Village allowing you to keep your foot in once the grip is there.

5. Church is deceptively tight and getting the wrong line can see you heading towards the outfield. The apex curb here takes a lot of damage.

6. Brooklands - like its namesake is super fast.

7. Club - from the fast back ‘straight’ everyone piles in to the right/left/right combination. Much paint has been swapped here.

In Car Video

Where To Watch

As a quick circuit watching racing at Thruxton is a bit like watching a tennis match. If you want to see cars go fast this is the place.

• Campbell and Cobb are arguably the best place to view. It’s often messy as cars try to get into position for the left hander and use the braking zone for overtaking.

• Noble and Village offer little.

• Church, Brooklands and Woodham Hill have no viewing areas at present.

•  Club - up there with Campbell and Cobb as being the place to watch. You’ll get to see plenty of close up action, can stand in the outfield or watch from the grandstand.

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